Thursday, 8 January 2015

Are You Still Against Us Banning Extremists?

Remember a few months ago, when Home Secretary Theresa May announced that she was going to ban extremists from entering the country, the anger that was spewed from the left?

"How can you define an extremist?!" They shouted.

Well my dear friends, you can define an extremists when they use religion, such as the Islamic extremists are doing, as an excuse to start killing people for drawing a picture.

It's when you go into a cafe and make all it's occupants your hostages, then forcing them to hold the (wrong) flag, use a woman as a human shield, and kill two innocent hostages, one of whom was protecting a pregnant friend, the other trying to disarm the captor.

It's when you drive into innocent people as happened in France just a few weeks ago.

It's when you blow innocent people on a daily occurrence as is happening in the Middle East, or as a one off which happened here in 2005, in Madrid in 2004, New York in 2001, and in Mumbai in 2008 which lasted four days.

It's when you run a soldier down, practically behead him in public, then claim your innocent and want your sentence reduced.

It's when you bury women and children alive for being Christian, as is happening in Syria.

It's when you behead journalists, volunteer aid worker, and your own people video record it, and send it off for political purposes.

It when you convert to a religion, then a take a picture of your son holding a man severed head with the caption "That's my boy."

It's when you preach hate, and brainwash people into becoming canon fodder, like the suicide bombers.

There's you definition of extremism, people who take things to the extreme.

Currently the left are worrying about the after effects towards 'moderate' Muslim's, which is taking away the dignity of the real victims, those who were gunned down for drawing a picture, or just going about their daily business, such as the police officers.

Stop defending people who have been maimed, and start joining us against the fight of Islamic extremists, ignoring didn't work, hoping they'd go away didn't work, it's time to get tough, not on 'moderate' Muslims, just on those freaks who'd kill over a picture.

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